Clare Sudbery
Sudbery Software Engineering Ltd
Speaker at YOW! London 2022

  • Independent technical coach
  • Specialises in TDD, refactoring, continuous integration and other eXtreme Programming
  • Has a passion for helping under-represented groups to flourish in tech

Talks at YOW! London 2022

Clare Sudbery is an independent technical coach with 23 years of software engineering experience. She specializes in TDD, refactoring, continuous integration, pair and ensemble programming, and other eXtreme Programming (XP) practices.

In 2009, Clare sharpened her teaching skills via a brief stint as a high school math teacher. However, she quickly returned to software, gaining new energy via XP. Clare taught the Coding Black Females’ Return to Tech programme, co-ran Made Tech's academy and has a passion for helping under-represented groups to flourish in tech.

Clare writes for O'Reilly (report on trunk-based development due early June '23), blogs at "In Simple Terms" and "A Woman in Technology" (where she writes on topics such as women in tech, maths puzzles and of course, software engineering) and is also a published novelist. She speaks and runs workshops at major industry events all over the world. She loves to help people learn.