YOW! London 2022

Tuesday Nov 29
14:35 –

Doubling Engineering Productivity at eBay Through DevOps


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This talk outlines eBay’s cross-organizational Velocity initiative focused on improving software delivery across the board. In our first year, the teams we worked with -- representing ~10% of eBay's development efforts -- have doubled their engineering productivity: with the same size and composition, the teams now produce twice the features and bug fixes as before. Equally importantly, working collaboratively and breaking down silos have paid second-order cultural dividends across the company. We still have a long way to go, and this year we scaled the initiative to 50% of eBay's development efforts.

We will discuss

  • Breaking down silos between product engineering and infrastructure
  • Measuring software delivery performance through the Four Key Metrics from Accelerate
  • Continually reducing build time, startup time, PR validation time, and deployment time
  • Relentlessly focusing on removing individual teams' impediments to fast flow
  • Embedding experts directly in product teams and sharing learnings across the entire organization

Our approach comes straight from the Lean and DevOps community, as expressed in Accelerate, Making Work Visible, Team of Teams, Project to Product, The DevOps Handbook, etc.

This session will provide actionable insights for other organizations going through similar journeys.