YOW! London 2022

Wednesday Nov 30
15:30 –

It's All About AI - Promises and Challenges in Computer Vision and NLP

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What can Artificial Intelligence achieve today? In this lecture, we will show numerous live examples to point out whether the term is an overhyped buzzword or the key technology of our digital future.

The TNG Innovation Hacking Team has been working on numerous AI projects in the field of computer vision and natural language processing for years. Thomas Endres, Martin Förtsch and Jonas Mayer take you on a journey through the world of Artificial Intelligence and its architecture. Based on various innovation projects, the speakers will illuminate the basic structure of the underlying neural networks, but also their limitations.

A firework of live demonstrations and showcases completes the entertaining experience. There will be neural networks creating art, deep fakes in real time, an NLP chatbot, and an AI that can generate social media comments.

artificial intelligence (AI)
computer vision