YOW! London 2022

Wednesday Nov 30
11:45 –

When Software Delivery Goes Wrong: Why App Stores Could Make You Sad


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When we have control over the deployment and release of our own products, we can use several techniques to maximise the feedback loop, minimise risk and give us every opportunity to innovate and pivot. Continuous integration, Minimum Viable Product, automated testing, user research… these are all techniques we can use when experimenting with a new product. They allow us to prioritise user needs and maximise agility and flexibility.

But when building a brand new iOS app, you are at the whim of the Apple app store… and this can prevent you from using many – or even any – of the aforementioned techniques.

This talk is a story of ups and downs, tears and triumph, and the very sharp end of the sunk cost fallacy. Via the rollercoaster ride of a failed iOS app, Clare uses the experience to highlight several key components that contribute to successful software development… and offer understanding to those facing obstacles beyond their control.

Warning: Contains mild peril.

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