Bugs in Collaboration: "Learning from Incidents" Edition
YOW! London 2022

Wednesday Nov 30
10:40 –

Bugs in Collaboration: "Learning from Incidents" Edition

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Engineering software systems is a highly collaborative game. The better a collaborator you are, the better you and your team can play that game to the advantage of your organisation. There's a problem though, collaboration is hard, especially in the heat of a real-world incident.

Incidents are an opportunity to learn and improve your systems; bugs in your collaboration work hard to stop that learning from ever happening. In this talk Russ Miles will share how you can spot bugs in collaboration in the middle of a high-stress, real-life critical service incident, and how you can then develop and apply new tools to defeat those bugs.

Learn how you can turn an incident from a crisis into an opportunity, and never let an outage go to waste again, by learning all about bugs in collaboration.