The Importance of Fun in the Workplace
YOW! London 2022

Tuesday Nov 29
13:30 –

The Importance of Fun in the Workplace


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An in-depth look at what makes software development a roller coaster where the highs of 0 compiler warnings are quickly cancelled out by the pain of long hours, bad requirements, endless configuration, clueless managers and a plethora of other issues which make death by a thousand cuts seem like a good idea…. They will answer questions such as:

  • “Why is programming often called an art despite having its underpinnings in formal logic?”
  • “How can I rediscover the delight I felt when I first started coding?”
  • “What’s that rush I feel when my test passes? Am I addicted to TDD?”

Combining Psychology, Philosophy and Computer Science, Dr Holly Cummins and Martijn Verburg will present a series of practical tips to help you rediscover the euphoria that you felt the very first time a metal box in front of you came to life and cried out “Hello World”.